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This is where you  can tell us a bit about themselves, what you do, what bike you ride etc.

If you would also like your business added to our list of Members  Companies then send an e-mail to canterburybmwor@gmail.com with the services you can provide, a website address, your full name and membership number.

Enter your details in the’Leave a Reply’ section below.  It is a reply to the page, not to any previous members.

3 Responses to “Members”

  1. Justin Ryan says:

    Hi all,

    I ride a R1200 GS which is my second BMW bike, the first been a F650 GS which I never had for very long as I always felt uncomfortable on it. I was born in Ireland but have lived in New Zealand for over twenty years now. My partner Julia is in the process of getting her full licence and currently rides a Honda SL230, which happened to be the training bike for BMW NZ.

    I do a lot of mountain biking so I tend to prefer taking the bike out into the mud and loose stuff, I wash it about once a year if its lucky which has caused an issue on the 1200 as it seems a bit of dirt rubbed through one of the wires to the ABS which was causing the light to come on, there was nothing wrong with the ABS and a bit of tape fixed it.

    I have been involved in the payroll business for over ten years and currently run a Payroll Bureau and a Payroll Consultancy firm. I have also just launched a new Commercial Property Website as I have found it so hard to find office space whenever we have had to move.

    So happy to answer any payroll questions you might have and if you need to lease some commercial property then checkout http://www.findspace.co.nz.

  2. lex says:

    My partner is Warren Taylor, and together we run the Canterbury chapter of the BMW Owners Register. We have had a few bikes, but at present are just a one bike family, and love our BMW R1200GS Adventure.

  3. Andrew McDougall (Dougall says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve been a Register member for a couple of years now (this time round). Thought It was about time to introduce myself. Better late thean never.

    I currently ride a K1100LT which is the 5th BMW I have owned. I had a break of about 8years from motorcycling before I convinced my partner how much money we could save if I rode a motorcycle to work instead of driving my 4×4. Once I got the scepticle agreement from the boss It seemed only logical, for reliability and safety reasons, that it should be a big bike again and a BMW :)

    My other interests are mountain biking (specialist stumpjumper), 4×4 driving (modified Pajero) and boating/fishing (8mtr trailer launch).

    I have been married for 21year…to the same person…she is incrediably tolerant of me. We have a 17 year old son and a 13 year old daughter who is trying to be 25 :( I work as a commiunity psychiatric nurse in Christchurch and I am also a part time Nurse Lecturer.

    Well that’s enough about me. Safe riding all :)

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