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Biketoberfest 2009

Christchurch Motorcycle dealers to unite in celebration of motorcycling!

From Friday 30 October to Sunday 1 November 2009 central Christchurch will become Motorcycle Mecca as thousands of motorcyclists riding everything from mopeds to the fastest superbikes and the biggest cruisers will converge on lower Manchester St for Biketoberfest 2009. Biketoberfest is a celebration of everything to do with motorcycling, with events ranging from rider safety training on the Friday night to club runs on Saturday and a Biker’s Ball on the Saturday night.

The highlight of the weekend will be Bike Sunday when Manchester St from Dundas St to Southwark ST will be closed to everything but motorcycles and pedestrians. There will be stunt riding demonstrations and static displays of rare and classic machinery, including Burt Munroe’s world’s fastest Indian as well as food stalls and merchandise. This will be a family friendly event, and parents are encouraged to bring their children to enjoy a rare chance to see over 1000 motorcycles in one place.

One of the most exciting parts of Biketoberfest is the unity demonstrated by motorcycle dealers and clubs. Biketoberfest originator, Chris Elles of Rolling Thunder Motorcycles commented that “in the conventional business world we’d be competitors and unwilling to share resources, but one of the things we all love about motorcycling is the camaraderie endemic in the sport. It doesn’t matter what you ride, how you ride or why you ride; if you’re on a bike you’re part of the family. All of us bike dealers are passionate about bikes and are all part of the same motorcycling community”.

One of the organizers, David Golightly of Golightly Insurances, said “the theme of the event will be rider safety and we believe that with greater public awareness of motorcycling and motorcyclists the accident rate will drop. We will also be encouraging all motorcyclists to ride safely, keep their machines in tip top condition and wear appropriate gear at all times.” In addition the NZ Police and ACC are keen and active participants in Biketoberfest 2009 as part of their commitment to support and encourage safe motorcycling.

For more information about Biketoberfest contact any of the participating dealers:

Rolling Thunder Motor Company, Harley Davidson: ph 03 366 0129

Street and Sport Motorcycles, Triumph: Ph 03 366 2201

Casbolts, Ducati and Honda: ph 03 366 4401

Sportzone Suzuki: Ph 366 0893

Or visit www.biketoberfest.co.nz

David Thompson
Ph: 03 366 2201

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