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As you have no doubt heard the New Zealand Government is proposing obscene levy increase of ACC Levies for motorcyclists.  It seems they think that motorcyclists are the root of all evil so eliminating us will reduce the cost of providing ACC payouts in respect to motorcycle accidents.

It takes no account of the crazy car drivers that cause most of the accidents, and in fact they get off totally blameless under the ACC regime.  What a difference it would make to accidents and our safety if anyone found to have caused an accident is held personally accountable for all costs associated with the outcome of the accident.  I’m sure then we would see a huge reduction in all accidents and all car drivers driving with their eyes opened and their brains engaged.

Anyway, if you feel the proposed fee hikes are unjust then you need to make your voice heard.  Some possible strategies are:

  1. Write to your local National MP and let them know what you think, or better still ring them up.
  2. Submit your thoughts to the ACC no later than 5 pm on November 10th, 2009.  Send to consultation@acc.co.nz or phone 0800 650-222
  3. Check out this site for some more info – BikersAgainstACC
  4. Provide financial assistance to B.R.O.N.Z to help fight the changes.
  5. Sign this petition

This is what they are proposing….

ACC levies

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