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Advice from ACC

I had an interesting meeting today with a representative from ACC who gave a talk mainly on what the ACC does for people and companies.

At the end of it I had a frank discussion (his name was Frank, really) about the proposed changes to ACC for motorbike riders and how unfair it was.  He agreed totally, and one point we both agreed on was that the fee should not be charged per vehicle but per driver/rider.  This way you pay only one fee regardless of whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle (either on the road or farm).  Attach it to the drivers licence, seems fair to me.  If you don’t want to pay it then you just surrender your licence.

Anyway, I will be writing a whole heap of stuff on what ACC provides at NZ Payrollers so if you are interested check it out.  They provide some very useful entitlements that most people have no idea about.

Frank did mention that they are aware of the situation facing riders from inept drivers but not much he could do.  So its up to everyone to make their voice heard by submitting their view point by November 10th, you can read how by clicking HERE!

In addition the ACC website has some useful tips for safe riding, click HERE!

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