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Now more than ever we need to keep mindful about the dangers involved with riding motorcycles, especially when you see the crash statistics by region HERE!

According to the website, Ride Forever, 73% of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle, and of these, 49% were the fault of the other driver?1 That means in at least 51% of crashes, riders can take actions to minimise impact, or avoid it altogether. You can reduce your own chances of coming off your bike by always anticipating you won’t be seen, being prepared to take evasive action at any time and increasing visibility.

A study into fatal crashes found that, in addition to collisions at intersections, the two most common circumstances for crashes were head-on collisions and cornering.2 It also found that nearly a quarter of fatal crashes occurred while riding in groups of two or more.

Another study found that cornering accounted for 41% of all single-vehicle injuries, with road conditions playing a significant part in many of these crashes.3 Again, you can roll the odds in your favour by anticipating unseen hazards and looking for important clues. Be ready and able to take safe, evasive action. If you’re riding in a group, don’t be tempted to ride beyond your skill and comfort level just to keep up with others.

This website offers some sensible ideas on riding safely and also have a great FREE DVD involving critiquing the riding habits of three ridirs as they ride from the city centre  to the country.  You can order your copy HERE!

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