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Last month I had the scary experience of my rear shock collapsing while taking a corner on my way to Greymouth.

The initial feeling was I had overcooked it and the rear was giving way but when I looked down and saw how slow I was going I knew something else was amiss.  As it turned out it was the rear shock collapsing and the spring taking up all the weight.

The bike was still ridable but very bouncy and did leave a wee oil leak where ever I went.

When I got to my destination a quick call to Henry at Experience told me this could be an expensive repair bill (mind you, what isn’t on the BMWs), or in fact a complete replacement as they are ‘unservicable’. This was around the 2k mark,  as Henry said I should put an Ohlins on.

However, a bit more investigating and I was put in touch with Lynton at Dirt Action Services, Saxon Street in Christchurch.  Lynton had a look and said he had rebuilt a few of them in the past and it would cost about $380.

A week later, and only $350 poorer, the shock is back on the bike and it feel fantastic, even to the point that maybe it was on its way out for quite some time.  Lynton explained the setting to me and re valved it for my weight and riding preferences.

On leaving he did suggest that the oil in the shocks should be replaced yearly but regardless, if your shocks do go then give Lynton a call on 03 389-0080 or mobile 027 434-7747.

My bike is a 2004 R1200GS.  The front shock he says is not servicable which is a bugger.

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